Earth’s Best Organic Kidz, Apple Sauce, 6 Count, 4 Ounce


Fruit baby Feeding product by Earth’s Best

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Earth’s Best Organic Kidz Apple Sauce is made with organic apples to keep little bodies and minds growing strong. Fortified with Vitamin C, this naturally sweet snack offers delicious taste and superior nutrition and is made from pure organic apples. Grown in soil that does not contain any potentially harmful herbicides or pesticides, kids can enjoy this yummy favorite while on the go or at home. Available in convenient, individual grab-and-go cups, they are also ideal for lunchboxes. Earth’s Best offers products not just for babies and toddlers, but also for growing kids. With a number of on-the-go options, parents can offer their big kids foods, snacks and beverages that are great-tasting, wholesome and convenient.

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