JL Childress Gate Check Bag for Umbrella Strollers, Red

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Travel Carry Bags baby Strollers & Accessories product by J.L. Childress

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Use this handy, compact travel bag when gate-checking a lightweight or umbrella-style stroller to protect it from dirt and germs. The bright red color and NEW large, stroller GATE CHECK graphic easily identify your item for return to gate. Made of a durable yet lightweight, water-resistant material for maximum protection. Fits most umbrella-style strollers easily with draw-string closure and adjustable lock. Stuffs quickly into NEW attached spandex pouch for traveling convenience. Compact to fit in travel bags. Features a webbing handle for easy lifting, reinforced seams for strength and a personal identification box. Not recommended for baggage check. Also use as a storage bag. Airline approved and recommended by baggage handles around the world. Trust J.L. Childress, the original inventor of the stroller and car seat Gate Check Bags and the #1 leading brand in car seat and stroller travel bags! Around the world or around the block, Travel Happy with J.L. Childress!

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12 x 15.5 x 45 inches

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