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Evan, a Boys name, is from Welsh origin. The meaning of Evan: A Welsh name, derived from Iefan, a form of John. It can also be a variation on names from other languages, including Ivan, Ian, Juan, Euan, and Evangelos.

Baby Name Trends for Evan

Below are the recent trends for Evan, over the last 10 years:

Evan Baby Name Rankings:

2016: 51 (estimated)
2015: 59
2014: 58
2013: 55
2012: 47
2011: 40
2010: 36

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Ethan, Ryan, Owen, Nathan, Noah, Jacob, Logan, Liam, Emma, Olivia, Grace, Megan, Sophia, Isabella, Abby, Natalie, Alexis, Ellie, Abigail, Victoria

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