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Gregory, a Boys name, is from Latin origin. The meaning of Gregory: watchman

Baby Name Trends for Gregory

Below are the recent trends for Gregory, over the last 10 years:

Gregory Baby Name Rankings:

2016: 308 (estimated)
2015: 310
2014: 316
2013: 299
2012: 287
2011: 279
2010: 268

Related Baby Names for Gregory

Here are some baby names related to Gregory as well as recent trends in popularity over the last 10 years: Ethan, Benjamin, Luke, Samuel, Gabriel, Nicholas, Jacob

Looking for Sibling Names Related to Gregory?

Michael, Matthew, Anthony, Christopher, Jacob, John, Nicholas, Gabriel, Logan, Andrew, Austin, Joshua, Elizabeth, Alexis, Brianna, Emily, Ashley, Kylie, Samantha, Sydney

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