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Hazel, a Girls name, is from English origin. The meaning of Hazel: From the hazel tree, the hazelnut, and the brown-green eye color. Hazel is one of many names coined in the 19th century from the names of plants.

Baby Name Trends for Hazel

Below are the recent trends for Hazel, over the last 10 years:

Hazel Baby Name Rankings:

2016: 149 (estimated)
2015: 132
2014: 107
2013: 157
2012: 175
2011: 211
2010: 262

Related Baby Names for Hazel

Here are some baby names related to Hazel as well as recent trends in popularity over the last 10 years: Violet, Charlotte, Hazel, Stella, Harper, Ruby, Evelyn

Looking for Sibling Names Related to Hazel?

Henry, Oliver,

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